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Serving as a Surrogate Parent for a Child with a Disability

The purpose of this course is to offer an online accessible training option for those interested in representing students with disabilities as a surrogate parent.

This professional development program meets the requirements for the Ohio Operating Standards for Education of Children with Disabilities (OAC 3301-51-05 (E)) and the Federal Regulations (C.F.R. 300.519).

Goals for this training…

The goal for this training is to familiarize the surrogate parent with the following:

  • Defining terms, responsibilities and the law
  • Parent rights in Special Education
  • Special Education process
  • Additional specific requirements for a surrogate parent


The course offers a series of modules with key concepts, resources, activities and more to support the surrogate parent role.

  • Module 1: Surrogate Parent Responsibilities
  • Module 2: Defining Terms and Responsibilities
  • Module 3: Children and Parent Rights
  • Module 4: The Special Education Process – Part One
  • Module 5: The Special Education Process – Part Two
  • Module 6: Additional Specific Requirements – Part One
  • Module 7: Additional Specific Requirements – Part Two

Get Started


Want to learn more before getting started? Check out the Surrogate Parent for a Child with Disability InspirEd webinar. This 30-minute virtual learning session explains the role of the surrogate parent, the requirements for serving as a surrogate parent, the Ohio statewide systems in place to build the capacity for the surrogate parent's role and a preview into this online training.