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Training Features

External Content and Resources:

The training provides hyperlinks to content and resources from external organizations. Upon selecting the external resource hyperlink, the browser window will then display the information to review. By selecting the “Back” arrow in the browser, you will be returned to training page. If you encounter technical barriers to external content, please email to determine a way to access the information.

Module Assessment:

The training is graded on a pass/no pass basis. A score of “pass” indicates that the participant has scored at least 80% on all quizzes and completed all module activities.

Video Presentation:

Each module provides a video presentation explaining key concepts and resources to support the surrogate parent role. Some videos include an interactive reflection question. The video will pause as the question box appears. After typing a response in the question box, select “Next” to submit your answer. You can then close the question box by selecting the X and resume the video by clicking the play button in the video player.

Technical Troubleshooting:

Having trouble moving forward in a section?

To move forward through each section, you must complete all work on the page. This includes answering all questions, which may appear on the page or in a video during its playthrough, and watching videos to the end.

If you've completed the steps above, typically, this will be either a network or caching issue. Hopefully the problem will resolve itself soon, but, if it doesn't, you'll want to clear your cache, totally quit / close your browser, and go back into the training. Let any videos play through without interruptions, and you should be able to move forward.

It may be helpful to try logging in using a different browser (common browsers include: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) and restart your computer.

If the steps above don't work:
Are you seeing any errors on the page? If so, please, send a message over to Be sure to include some screenshots of where you see the problem and the email address your account is associated with to speed things along.